Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 101 - campsite near pct mile 1501 To Mt Shasta

Short day into town.
As we expected, the 680 feet climb to the interstate was a mistake, and the entire hike was an easy down hill.
We didn't have much luck hitching from the road, though. I tried hitching on the interstate itself, while Idan was standing down by the ramp entering the highway, trying to hitch there.
After a while a car came around, dropping Roi and Sara. It's like Chester all over again! We got a ride into town with Paul, who just took them to the trail.
Paul is married to Atara, who is an Israeli living in Mt Shasta. He took us to her arts and crafts store, and it was very nice meeting up with her. She said she is running the Israeli Center of Mt Shasta - whenever Israeli tourists come into town, they are being directed to her store, where she helps them around.
Paul then dropped us off at the Black Bear, a local dinner, where we had some breakfast and a shake.
We went over and got a room at the Budget Inn. Beer got into town last night, and was zeroing in today. He has a smaller room, but he had a fridge, so we put some of our supplies in there for the night.
After the usual shower/laundry/resupply routine, we grabbed some late lunch. I had my first Taco Bell on the trail. Not worth it.
In the evening, we went to the Black Bear again, with Beer. For dinner I had another veggie burger. Nothing special also.
Atara's store and "Israeli Center"
Happy Trails indeed