Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 103 - campsite near pct mile 1521 to Chilcoot Creek

Yet another long day.
After a not-long-enough night's sleep, we got up inside a cloud. There was fog all around us, and we could not see any views.
After about an hour of hiking things cleared up. We were hiking up along a ridge towards the Trinity Devide. I'm not sure what it was, but we passed it today.
The views were nice, with some lakes and ponds we saw from the top. We didn't have a lot of climbing up or down, and just kept walking an easy trail, counting the miles.
After the last stop, we had a heated argument about the next two days. I want to do two reasonable days of 25 miles each, to leave an easy 5 mile day into Etna, at the end. Idan wants to do two 27 mile days, to reach the road to Etna on the evening of the second day, so we'll only have to catch a ride in the morning of the third.
The argument morphed into how many compromises we both do on the trail, in order to keep hiking together. Idan said he compromises on principal matters to him, just to keep hiking with me. I said I will not compromise on principal matters. That is why they are principal to me. I suggested that maybe we should stop our compromises, and just hike our own hike. Even if it means we'd split up.
When we reached Chilcoot Creek we met Chop Chop and Prospector, who already set up camp there. A bit later James came in. He plans on getting to Etna on Saturday as well, like us. But he will get there much later in the day, so he'll miss the post office hours. I told him he can call them, and tell them I will pick up his package for him. That way he can take his time getting into town.