Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 93 - Cold Springs to Chester

We've finally reached the halfway point. It seems a bit disheartening, to figure or we only did half of the trail. On the other hand, we've already did half of the trail! And the second half should go by much faster!
In contrast to the previous several days, the terrain today was not too difficult. We only had a moderate climb, and a long descent down to the highway at the end. But it was spread out on about 27 miles, which made it the biggest day for us so far.
We managed to start hiking earlier than usual, hitting the trail just before 6:30. That was good, because the day was hotter than yesterday, and we had some sections of exposed ridge line, or burnt forest.
Three was also a rather long section with no water source on trail. From our campsite last night, at Cold Springs, the was no water on the trail for 23 miles. There was a place in the middle, on Carter Trail, with water some 0.5 miles off the PCT. But we found a side trail a way before that, with water only 0.3 miles off trail. So we filled up there. There was another side trail to water, before we got to the Career junction. But we didn't go down there.
We finally reached the halfway marker at 14:30. It's not very accurate, since the trail changes from time to time. But it's pretty close.
From there, we had some 5 more miles to finally reach the water source. The trail was mostly down hill at this point, and we raced down it. At the stream, we caught up to Lingo, Sugar Pine and Rocket Llama. They hiked out before we did, but we passed them later on the way down.
When we reached the highway, I went over for the trail magic, to get myself a soda, when a car pulled over. It was Roi and Sara, who just got back from a week at the bay area! That was quite a good timing!
They got a ride with a nice guy from Chico, who I later discovered knew the guy who did the very nice PCT movie "Tell It On The Mountain", and also helped him produce it.
They were heading out in the evening, but we might catch them again tomorrow. Who knows?
We got a ride into Chester with that same guy, and Rocket Llama joined in. I had a huge peaches and vanilla shake with fries, and then we went and split a ton at the Seneca Motel. Idan got bummed that the bed was a bit too small, so he decided to crash on the floor tonight, and pay less.