Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 105 - Campsite near wa1577 to campsite near wa1601b

This night was a bit chilly again, but nothing too bad. At least we didn't wake up in tents covered in condensation.
The trail kept going up and down ridge lines, and we got some more views of Mt Shasta again. We passed some good water sources with cool tasty water.
After crossing highway 93 we stated our climbing section of the day. But at least there were even more water sources in this section.
We passed Gas Pedal and Fire Starter, two very nice brothers we have seen only once before, and Papa Bear. He was going to go all the way into Etna today, while the brothers were asking at the same campsite as us - the last water source 5 miles before the road into Etna.
We had a nice long break with them near a spring 10 miles before the end of the day, and then headed out to finish it. There water some long and annoying climbs there, but at the end we got here really early, at 17:30. Not bad for a 25 miles day.
We waited for a long time before dinner, so we won't eat too early. The brothers got here eventually, and another hiker. Papa Bear kept on hiking to town, and Banjo also passed by heading over there.
Tomorrow we will have our easy hike into town in the morning. It will be a bit harder than the hike into Mt Shasta, since this time it will include a 900 feet climb. But we will do it in 2 hours tops.