Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 82 - Dick's Lake to campsite near PCT mile 1133

It was a longer day than we first thought.
Passing by Middle Velma Lake
The trail was the usual rolling self. Some ups and downs. We kept leap frogging a couple we've seen many times now, and I still don't remember their trail names.
There was a section of about 10 miles with no water, but we were ready for it, and carried enough. After that there were plenty of water sources.
We first planned to hike to a campsite 19 miles away from last night, but we saw we'd get there too early, and we might as well push a bit further, and dry camp up on the ridge.
There was also the matter of my shoes. At the current pace we'd get to Truckee tomorrow evening, or on the next morning. And that will be the 4th of July - the US independence day. The post office will be closed, and I'd be forced to wait a day to get them, or continue hiking for two more days with my disintegrating shoes, before trying to get back to Truckee from Sierra City, or something like that.
When we got to Baker Pass I tried calling the post office, to get them to forward my package for me to Sierra City, and save me the trouble. The clerk on the phone said he couldn't do that, but I can have someone else pick up the package for me. Idan was trying to get in touch with Free Loader, a local PCT trail Angel that recently published he can help hikers around Truckee. We were looking for a place to shower and do laundry in Truckee, since we didn't want to stay the night at an expensive hotel over the 4th of July. I was also hoping he would be able to help me with my package.
Sadly, he only had reception for SMS, and he replied saying he'd call is in 30 minutes. So we waited there on Baker Pass...
A very nice lady came hiking down to the parking area, and started talking with Idan. She was from Truckee, and a minute after she left, she came back holding her cell phone. She was talking to a friend of hers, also from Truckee, who's sons were just in Israel, in Birthright. They both offered to help us.
Janet, the friend on the phone, agreed to go pick up my package from the post office. So that took a huge load of my chest. But she then also offered to have us sleep at her place overnight tomorrow. So that really solved all of our problems at once. We got her phone number, and gave her ours. We are going into Truckee tomorrow evening.

We still had some miles to cover, now with the added goal of making tomorrow's hike into Truckee a bit shorter. After passing our intended campsite, and filling up water for dry camping, we walked about 4 more miles, and found a spot for our tents. Is not the most level tent site I've had, but it will work for tonight.
Lake Tahoe at the distant horizon