Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 104 - Chilcoot Creek to campsite near wa1577

After a surprisingly chilly night (I slept in my base layer and wore my fleece hat), I woke up late at 6:50. That was fun.
Our tents were wet on the inside, because of the humidity in the air, and in our breath. I carefully took out everything from my tent, careful not to touch the walls, and proceeded to wipe them dry with my camp towel. It's the only use I've found for it so far.
The water at Chilcoot Creek didn't look too good. It was mostly shallow pools of water, with no flow. Luckily, a few miles down the trail we encountered a nice spring with much better water, so I replaced what I had inside my water bag happily.
There were plenty of water sources along the way today, even though some of them were nothing more than a trickle.
We kept leap frogging Chop Chop and Prospector during the day. They were heading to the same destination as us, so we made a special effort to get here first, and pick the best camp site.
At noon we passed highway 3. Apparently, there was some trail magic here, as well as a cooler brought especially for the Warrior Hike guys. They have already been through here, so the cooler was open for everyone. There was nothing much in there, though. Idan score a Mountain House dinner, but the rest was just garbage and empty cans, and some medical supplies. Nothing useful.
From the road, we hiked the remaining 10 miles up the ridge, and along some very nice views. We even got another view of Mt Shasta to the south.
When we arrived at the seasonal stream we were aiming at, the water were not too good. We managed to get a bit for now, but we hope the close by stream we'll pass tomorrow morning will have a better flow.
Nice views