Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 106 - Campsite near wa1601b to Etna

Yes, a short day indeed. We woke up and powered onto the road, getting there by 8:30.
We met Rimshot and Kit there, trying to hitch for an hour already. Only one car passed by, while Bob, Chop Chop and Prospector, James and finally Neon came by. We were hoping for a miracle.
Finally a truck came and dropped a couple of hikers at the trail head going north, and then backed down the road and took us all. We were 6 in the back of the pick up, and 3 inside. But we got into town.
Down here, we went over to the Hiker Hut. They have a small 4-bed bunk room, but I just tented outside. We got a shower and did our laundry.
For breakfast we had a breakfast croissant at the cafe. For lunch we had a pizza with James at the deli, and later had dinner at Doti's. 3 meals in town. Success.
During dinner, a 2013 thru hiker came and talked to us. I don't remember his name. He now lives in Mt Shasta, and he came over to hike for several days with Papa Bear, who apparently also did the trail last year.
There are a ton of hikers on town, some zeroing here from yesterday, more coming in after we did. Many stay here on the lawn, and many others stay in the local park.
The Warrior Hike hikers are in town, currently having some special dinner at the brewery pub, but we are too tired and hot to go down there. I think that at 19:00, it's way past my bed time.
Cheesy, the sweet and relaxed cat of the Hiker's Hut