Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 88 - campsite near PCT mile 1239 to campsite near PCT mile 1260.5

During the night we had some rain drops, and we woke up to a cloudy day. This time the clouds remained all through the day.
After two small climbs, we stopped just before the big decent into Middle Fork Feather River. Forty Five and another hiker passed us, and right behind them Young Oak and his girlfriend. She came from Paris to hike with him, and in two days she will finish her hike.
Just after I started my decent into the river, rain drops started falling. I quickly removed my hiking shirt, and put on my rain jacket. It was still very hot and humid, so I didn't need anything under the jacket. Sadly, rain didn't come, and I got down to the river sweating in my jacket. It could have been worse - my jacket is rather will ventilated, when all the zippers are open.
Down at the river, we crossed the bridge and took a side trail to get to the water. We could see a great big pool to the left of the bridge, from the top, but we couldn't get to it from where we were. We still found a nice shady spot, and good dipping holes. We both took a much needed shower in the stream, and cleaned up a bit.
The bridge over Middle Fork Feather River
From there, we had to climb up everything we had just climbed down, and more. Luckily, there was plenty of water along the way, so we didn't carry too much on us.
Our aim was to get to the water at wa1259, fill up there, and dry camp where we'd find a spot. The section right before that water source was where most of the climb was, and I was trying to hike it fast. It was hard. I kept hoping the water is around the corner, and it wasn't.
Pea Sea Tea. Artist unknown. Neat the Best Creek bridge.
The rain finally started just as I caught on to Idan. We hiked just a bit more, and found some trickle by the trail. We weren't sure if this is our water source or not, but we filled up some anyway. It was a really slow source, but it's a good thing we got water, as this was the famous wa1259.
The rain wasn't too strong, but it kept on falling. I put on my rain jacket again, this time with good reason, and we kept on hiking just to find a good campsite. It took a while, since most of the trail was on a steep ridge, but eventually it got flatter, and we found a good spot. It is quite small, so our tents are literally touching each other.
By now the rain has stopped. Brad, Forty Five, Salsa and another three hikers passed us. They all did more miles then we did, just to get to here. So it's impressive that they just keep on going.