Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 87 - campsite near PCT mile 1216 to campsite near PCT mile 1239

The day started nicely with some overcast clouds, which made all the difference. It was even chilly for a short while! We hiked out to the A Tree spring and junction, and got some fresh cool water over there.
From there, the climbs started. It was similar to yesterday, though we had less ridge walks, and more walks in dense forest.
We stopped at the next water source, which was a not before the campsite, while the one at the nearer to the campsite was dry. Halfmile's app did not mention the one before. It also didn't mention the two Beartrap streams we passed, which were flowing well.
A couple of slack packers passed us when we stopped, and we later passed them back. Only then I recognized the woman. I saw her hiking with her daughter last week, the day we left Markleeville. She plans on hiking the entire PCT like that, with her husband and with her daughter, to complete her Grand Slam.
We kept on hiking, making another stop next to Whiskey Spring, after the next climb. It was water, coming out of the spring. And it was also 0.3 miles away from the trail. While we stopped there, Smitty passed us.
4 miles later we reached the Quincy-LaPorte Road, our initial destination for the day. We met Clarissa, the daughter of the slack packing couple we saw earlier. She was in charge of setting up camp for the night. There were also two trail magic coolers by the road, filled up with trash. Disappointing.
After sitting there for a while, and meeting up with Smitty again (I last saw him on the day I got out of Ziggy and The Bear), we went on. It was still early, at 16:00, and we wanted to do some more miles to get us closer to town in two days.
Yogi's book had a quote from Scott Williamson about Adler Spring being 0.5 miles after that first road crossing (at 1235.5). The mileage is wrong, and it's closer to 1237.5. Just FYI.
The attacking Grouse
At the spring we filled up for dry camping, then headed out to find a good camp spot. I got attacked by a grouse, or something similar, when I passed next to it's nest, full of hatchlings. It was funny to see it dancing around me, and making all the noise it can make.
We had a hard time finding a flat area to camp, in this dense forest. But we found something. So I hope we will sleep well tonight.
Our tight campsite for the night