Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 96 - Subway Cave to Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery

What a long long and hot day.
We left camp at 6:30, and did the short climb up to Hat Creek Rim. From there, the trail was pretty much level for most of the day.
We were entering a long, 30 miles stretch of no natural water sources. We knew there is a maintained cache in the middle ("cache 22" on forest road 22), but because if the heat, I carried 4 liters of water on me from Subway Cave in the morning.
When we got up to the first campsite, 2.5 miles in, we saw a note telling us that there might also be water caches at Hat Creek Rim Lookout Site and Cassel Fall River Rd, 4 miles before and 10 miles after the other cache. We weren't sure how well maintained they were, but it was a good start.
We hiked on, and caught up with Roi and Sara, and hiked with them to the first cache, which had water. We stopped there for a while, under a nice tree. Roi and Sara headed on, as well as Alan. Wolf and Sprinkle rested there as well.
The rest of the day was very similar -hiking on in the sun, the views were very similar to the Golan Heights, and every several miles we'd stop for a much needed rest.
The second cache was also very nice. A good shaded spot with a lot of water. We met Thru Fisher there. She planned on staying around until the evening, and only then hike on. Doesn't sound like a bad idea. But we hiked on anyway.
On the way to the last cache we passed by Big Boots, who also took a nap in the shade. At the last cache he caught up to us, and we all moaned about the long and hot day.
The final 4 miles were as hard and boring as the rest of the day. But we finally reached the fish hatchery. We met up with Roi and Sara again, who decided to stay here after all, and Alan, and Beer.
The location was great - we had toilets, power outlets, a house for a quick wash, running water and even Wi-Fi. An excellent place to end such a long day.