Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 108 - Marble Valley Cabin to Seiad Valley

We got up early to hike the long miles to Seiad Valley and get there before the store closes.
We thought we'd have a 30 miles day, but after checking again we were surprised to discover it'll be 32 miles almost. With a 6 mile road walk at the end. At least it will be an easy walk.
We made snack stops every several miles, leap frogging with Rim Shot and Kit for a while. They were planning to stop at the campground before the road walk.
After some climbs at the beginning of the day, the rest of the hike was downhill. We stopped at a very nice creek with cold water, and met a father and soon section hiking. The father was 70 years old. It was very impressive seeing them hike.
From there, we started hiking down Gridler creek. The trail crossed it four times, on wooden bridges, until it reaches the campground at the end. We thought this section will be a bit harder, but it turned out quite nice and easy, and we made good time, reaching the campground at 17:00.
We still had 6 more miles of boring road walk, but at least we saw a sign that informed us the store would be open until 20:00. So we'll make it.
The road walk was uneventful, and finally we reached Seiad Valley RV park at around 19:30. We started by drinking some cold ice tea (Idan had two cans), and then went to the RV park office and paid for camping, showers and laundry.
There are a ton of new hikers around, and we don't know almost anyone. We have finally caught up to Halfmile, though, and unlike the previous two times, we are not just taking a zero and getting behind him again!
We also met Frank, which we last saw the day we got to Paradise Valley Cafe, just before Idlewild. That's a long long time ago.
The showers were the worst on the trail. Maybe similar to the ones at Kennedy Meadows. But the water were hot, and there was soap and shampoo. So it worked.
At the store, I felt hungry and bought a can of refried beans. I looked to see it doesn't contain any meat products inside. I wanted to share the can with Idan, after we easy our normal Knorr meals. After we cooked, and I opened the can, I checked again the ingredients - it contained lard, and I missed it before. We just threw it in the garbage. I was too full anyway...
Most hikers are cowboy camping on the lawn here, but we tent, as always. There are plenty of mosquitoes around. Besides, we don't plan on leaving too early tomorrow, so we can take our time in the morning to take the tents down.
Seiad Valley. That's low.
Even on a federal building - "The State of Jefferson"
Dusk from my tent
Hiker trash on the RV park lawn