Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 95 - Drakesbad Guest Ranch to Subway Cave

Today we've hiked a long day. Luckily, it was mostly overcast, so even though it was hot, it could have been much worse.
The hike itself was easy enough, with almost no climbing for the entire day. We had a long section with no water sources listed in Halfmile's app, but there was a spring in the middle (around mile 1367.7), which was just a bit off trail. That was helpful. There was also a side trail to water at around mile 1369.5, and another at 1372.5. But we didn't check out those.
We had to reach Old Station before the Post Office closes, at 16:30, and we made it there before 16:00. We weren't sure if the RV park by the po is operational, and luckily it was. So besides getting our package, we also got a shower and laundry, and had burgers for late lunch (or early dinner).
After the laundry finished dying, we headed out to hike another 4 miles to the Subway Cave campground, which is the last water source for the next 30 miles or so. There is a maintained cache at the middle, but tomorrow will be another long and hot day. At least it will be even easier than today, with elevation gain if just around 1700 feet.
We are camped with Roi and Sara again, and it looks like they will also do the 30 tomorrow, like us. So that's nice. Zen Dawg and Allen are here too. Big Boots was leaving just as we got here, but he plans to get into Burney in two days, so we will spilt a room with him there. I want to get there already, after an easy day into town...