Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 102 - Mt Shasta to campsite near pct mile 1521

The plan was to leave town late. Idan ordered some socks yesterday, with 1 day shipping, so we took our time until they arrived.
We mailed some stuff to Ashland, and I also mailed my broken camera to a lab to get fixed. I hope it won't take too long. It's been broken since leaving Chester.
For lunch, I had some fries, a salad and a smoothie in Burger King. It was all right.
I went over to Atara's store, to ask if I can print out the form I needed to send along with my camera, to the lab. Atara was glad to help me with the printing.
I asked where would be the best place to hitch back to the trail from, and Laurie, who was just at Atara's store, immediately offered to take us back to the trail herself. We still has some town chores to do, so I got her number, and told her we'd give her a call in about two hours.
Finishing what we had to do in town, we were looking for Beer to offer him a ride to the trail with us. We couldn't find him, so we ended up going back to Atara's store, and waiting for Laurie there. She came a bit later with her husband and daughter, and they all drove us down to the trail head. They also gave us some awesome home-made cookies.
Back at the trail head, we met Beer, who got here by himself, Hop Scotch and Glimmer.
We started hiking on at about 15:30. The trail going north of the interstate was a bit confusing, until we realized we should hike along the dirt road to the left. The hike itself was mostly climbing up hill, and we kept leap frogging a pair of female hikers, who were going to the campsite 10 miles from the road. We were aiming at a water source 4 miles further.
We knew we'd get into the dark, after starting our hike so late. We got to the side trail to the water source right before sunset, so I took my head lamp with me when I went down to fill up water.
I thought there was a reasonable campsite just by the water itself, but Idan thought it would not be comfortable, so we started hiking on in the dark.
The trail was all ridge walk, so it was hard finding a good place for our tents. But after about a mile, we stopped at someplace reasonable. It was tight for both of our tents, but we managed to set them up somehow.