Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 107 - Etna to Marble Valley Cabin

After a hot night on the Hiker's Hut lawn, I finally woke up at around 7:30. It was fun.
Talking with James, I found out that he got back last night after being to the brewery/pub, then going to the rodeo, and then to another pub. He got to sleep at 1:00. Others - even later. I was just happy I didn't go out at all.
I quickly gathered my gear, and ate a standard trail breakfast of two oatmeal packets. At least I had a banana and a tangerine to add to it. We sat on the road, hoping to get a hitch up to the trail, when Papa Bear's friend from last year picked him up, and stuffed us in the back seat. It was weird at first, when he seemed to be reading out loud from an eBook on his iPhone, while driving. But after a minute he stopped the reading bit, and got us safely to the trail.
Back up, we already saw 4 hikers waiting for a ride down. I hope they got it by now. We started our walk at around 9:30. It was overcast and nice, and the climbs weren't that bad or long, mostly.
We passed a southbounder section hiker at a creek at midday and she told us that our designated campsite was very nice.
We had some climbing from that spot, and it was no longer overcast, so we were back at the heat. But we've had hotter days recently, so today didn't feel especially hot.
It was supposed to be only about 8 miles from our rest stop just after the stream, but it took us about 4 hours to finally reach the campsite. We suspect the actual trail was different than the one in the app and maps. So we probably did closer to 27 miles today, as opposed to the 25 according to the app.
We got to the campsite after 19:00, tired and hungry. We saw Oklahoma and Rimshot and Kit near the locked cabin, but we headed down to the designated campsite. It's flatter here, and the water is nearby. Some dear are hanging around close to us. I hope they won't bother during the night.
A nice glacial lake

Hills, hills and more hills