Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 89 - campsite near PCT mile 1260.5 to Quincy

Today we had a short day into town. Shortly after heading out we crossed a nice spring at mile 1261.30. It wasn't in Halfmile's app, so that was a nice surprise.
Good spring at mile 1261.30
While filling out our water, Big Boots caught up to us. Apparently he was half a day behind us since Sierra City. But we were going into Quincy, and zeroing tomorrow, while he was heading on. So he will be ahead now. Until next time our paths cross.
Getting closer to Buck's Summit road
We made a quick stop at a water source 2 miles before the end of our day, and then headed out to finish it off. I passed a couple of south bound hikers, and the woman told me we have some "neat trail magic" waiting for us up ahead. That really made me hike faster.
When we finally got to the road, we met Kermit and Jeannie Bug. They were doing great and much needed trail magic. I got some sweetened ice tea, and hike made brownies, and we sat there for a while with Forty Five and Whiskey before catching a ride down to town.
The first car that passed by stopped for us, which is always nice. Our driver was a forest service fire fighter, of the "hot shots" team, which goes in on forest fires all over the country, hikes in to the fire's edge, and clear the trees around it so it won't spread. Sounds like a very hard and intense job.
Down in town, we stopped at the Subway and had subs, and later went over to compare prices at the two motels. We got a good deal in the Spanish Creek Model, for two nights. The room is really good - it has a full fridge, microwave, oven with stove. A really big room. With two queen beds.
We went over to the post office to get our bounce box and my new smartphone battery. The battery will arrive tomorrow.
Back at the room, I basically did nothing but shower, while Idan helped the motel's owner with his printer. It took him a while, and about three round trips to a store to get different ink cartridges. At least we got free laundry out of it.
Later we got a ride from the owner to the Safeway's. We got our resupplies, and called him for a ride back, like he said. But he couldn't come. We waited for the bus that never came, but suddenly his wife came over and picked us up anyway. They are very nice, indeed.
My hummus plate. The Thai wrap wasn't as photogenic.
Later, we went out for dinner at Pangaea. I had hummus for a starter, which came with artichoke and balsamic oil, and some Thai wrap for entree. That was really filling. Idan really enjoyed his burger, even though they didn't have any fries.