Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 94 - Chester to Drakesbad Guest Ranch

We went to the supermarket in the morning, and got some supplies and stuff for breakfast. Shortly after, we headed out to hitch back up to the trail.
It didn't take that long, and we got a ride together with Double Tap. We got to the trail at about 10:00, and started our day.
The trail was rather easy. There were also enough water sources during the day. We leap frogged with Beer and Allen for a while, until we finally reached the dirt road leading to Drakesbad.
We met up Roi and Sara over there. They did a short day to get there, and wait for us. It was nice to see them again, with more time to catch up.
We went to the warm water swimming pool, took a very good shower, and went inside. That was a very nice way to end the day's hike. Later, we got the hiker's menu at the restaurant, together with Hop Scotch, Double Tap, Forty Five, Whiskey and Beer. I got a nice vegetarian dish, with polenta and lots of vegetables.
We were approached by a guest of the ranch, who told us that they come over for a vacation every year (her mom first came here in 1941! And she is here now!), and they always give pct hikers a bottle of wine, as a tradition. So she gave us a bottle. That was very nice indeed.
After dinner, we got back down the road to the campsite, and set up for a late camp. All in all, stopping here in Drakesbad was worth it.