Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 81 - South Lake Tahoe to Dick's Lake

After a show morning in our hotel room, we finally headed out to send the rest of our packages from the post office. We had some problems sending the one to Old Station, because it contained a gas canister. At first, the clerk said there's no way to send it on the mail. But after checking their books, he said we can send it ground only. That will work.
We then went to the outfitter, to wait for our ride there. We met Bliss Hap, and she joined our ride up to the trail with trail Angel Mel. I also bought a new pair of sun gloves, but they are much heavier and sturdier than my old pair. I don't really like them as much.
Old vs New
Back at the trail head, right after Mel has left, Emu and Mozi came out of the woods. I thought they were ahead of is, for some reason. They were going into Tahoe, but from the next road crossing, 1.5 miles ahead.
We started our hike at noon. We seem to be doing that a lot lately. A short time after we started we passed that 2nd road crossing, at the Echo Lake resort. There were many people around the lake, even as we went further several miles on the trail.
View back towards Upper Echo Lake and Echo Lake
The trail was rather easy most of the day, but after we crossed the last water source, we started climbing up to Dick's Pass. The climb wasn't THAT long. Bit it was already late in the day, and it took me a while. After getting to the pass, overlooking Dick's Lake, the trail keeps going up for a short while, on the mountain side, before finally starting its descent to the lake.
View across the waters of Lake Aloha
We set up camp just by the lake, and later saw some tents not fat away from us. There are some weekend hikers with their kids not far off. And maybe some thru hikers are around as well.