Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 109 - Seiad Valley to Tin Cup Trail

People started getting up and moving out at 3:30. I know it's a long climb, and a hot day, but I still don't get it. We slept in until just before 7:00. It felt good.
We started our laundry (last night we were too tired to do it), packed our gear, and went over to the cafe for breakfast.
Luckily, the cafe was next door, because we needed to keep checking back on the laundry, and later put in a quarter in the drier, and wait until it has finished the cycle, before putting in another one. It was a pain.
It took a while until we got our breakfast, but once we did, it was very filling. I didn't finish my plate of veggie omelet.
After we had finished eating, we finished packing the rest of our stuff, I put some Gatorade in my bottle, and we headed out.
I finally mustered the courage to tell Idan I want to hike on from Ashland alone, and break up our team. At first he took it just by saying "OK", and I wasn't sure what to expect next. After we finished the short road walk, he finally asked me why, and I explained I wanted to be free of responsibilities to anyone else, and to feel how it was to hike alone, like I did on the AT all those years ago. I assured him it's not anything that he had done.
The climb was steep and hot, as expected. I made several sorry stops on the way, before finally reaching (and almost missing) Lookout Spring. There were a couple of Sunkist cans in the spring, thanks to Siesta and Bomber. Thanks!
From there, most of the steep climb was behind us. There was plenty of ups and downs along the ridge, though.
Our next so was at Kangaroo Spring. We filled our water just before the actual spring, at a good spot, and had some snacks.
From there it was an easy trail to our daily destination. We got to Cook & Green Pass Spring and found a bunch of hikers resting the heat out in the shade. We met Thor The Hiking Viking and Fern Toe. We haven't seen them since before Lake Isabella
We went to refill our bottles at the trickle, and decided to push on for 6 more miles, since it was way too early, at 15:30.
We figured most hikers getting out of that shady spot will try to reach the same destination as us, so we made a run for it to try and get there earlier, for better chances at finding a camp spot. We did end up passing everyone we have seen leaving the previous spring before we did. But it didn't help us - the small, slanted, campsite just by the spring was already taken by 5 other hikers. We filled our water and hiked BACK for 0.25 miles, to get to a campsite we've seen just before.
3 couples passed us here, going on further today. We've had enough, with 20 miles of hiking, and a total of 7300 feet climb.
Frank ended up staying here, and we've had a very nice conversation during dinner.
I still wasn't sure how things will be between Idan and me now, but I'm happy they seem quite normal. We still joke the same way during stops, and have had some normal conversations while hiking.
The famous pancake challenge is being made. 3 are ready, 2 more are being made.
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