Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 90 - zero day in Quincy

Today was a very successful zero day. We mostly did nothing. I got up late, at about 8:00, and just ate some breakfast I bought at the supermarket yesterday. I passed the time until going to the post office to finally pick up my new battery.
It's going to get stormy
The battery arrived, and it was rather easy replacing it myself. One of the screwdrivers that were shipped with it didn't match the screws in my phone, but I improvised with the tip of my swiss army knife. So far the new battery works fine.
Other than that, we didn't leave the room much. I just ate loads of snacks, and drank some of the beers I bought yesterday. We also watched Mission Impossible 5 on TV. Or maybe 4. Stupid movie.
When we headed out for dinner, we passed by the owner's place, because he said he needs some help printing something. He needed some help typing something in his computer, so I typed it in for him, and had it printed it nicely. Their daughter was just there, and they were making home made pizzas, and invited us for dinner. It was the best pizza we had on the trail, and I also got some yellow lentils in curry and chili. Very very spicy, but it was delicious. And so very special compared to what I normally eat in towns. That was some trail magic, no doubt!
A big glass of wine, and I'm ready to crash now. The plan tomorrow is to get to the Braatens at end, a hostel about 20 miles further from where we took off. Wish me luck.