Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 99 - Deadman Creek to Butcherknife Creek

Another long day with big waterless stretches. We started our hike with just about a liter of water each. The next source according to Halfmile's app was about 7 miles north, but Yogi's book had some info on a good spring in the next road crossing. We were glad to see that it was right.
The temperature at the morning was very nice, even a bit chilly while we were on the shaded, western slopes. But later in the day we suffered the terrible heat again, and just sweated our way down the trail.
Stopping also at the next water source, the one 7 miles from our campsite, we had to decide if we'd carry water for 7 more miles, and then go on a long, 0.5 miles side trail, to the next water source, or carry water for 15 miles, and skip the detour. We decided to carry more water on us.
The trail went up a nice ridge. The views were a bit hazy. Beer told us it might be from a big forest fire raging in Oregon. But we could see the giant Mt Shasta looking above us in the horizon. It appears to be a very impressive mountain.
The side trail to the water source after 7 miles was completely over grown, and we were happy we took water for the entire stretch. We found a good spring about 2 miles later, again Yogi's book was right, and got some more cold water from there.
The rest of the way was mostly down, and we passed several water sources, before setting up camp at Butcherknife Creek. It's a very nice little campsite here, and we are also right by the water. So I washed my feet clean, and my socks.