Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 91 - Quincy to Little Haven

Getting out of towns is always hard. Even getting up in the morning, from that comfortable bed, is hard. But I managed to drag myself up, eat some yogurt and a banana, and get my gear in my backpack.
Hitching out of Quincy wasn't easy as well. After a while, a car pulled over and took me only about a mile, to the hospital. Over there I tried hitching for a long while. The caretaker of the campground up near Bucks Summit (my hitching destination) pulled over and said he'd be back in about an hour, and pick me up if I'm still around. Luckily, I managed to get a ride before that.
The ride I got was with a Mercedes (!). It was an old car, though. It slowed down, and then pulled over some distance from me. When I tried to figure out if it was really stopping for me, and started walking towards it, it pulled off again. But then it turned around, and got back for me. So that was good.
I was picked up by a lady and a young girl. When they heard I was from Israel they told me the girl studied Hebrew in school for several years. She understood some of my Hebrew as well. The lady driving the car had volunteered in kibbutz Hatzerim a long time ago, and also remembered some words in Hebrew.
They really drove out of their way to get me to the summit, which was about twice the distance they planned on going. The car had other plans, and had a really hard time on some of those climbs. But we got to the summit at the end.
Up there, I met Kermit and Jeannie Bug again, just as Trail Candy was heading out into the trail. I got a tangerine, thanked them for their magic again, and also headed north.
Just before I started hiking, Banana Boat passed by in a car, looking for Trail Candy. I carried her message for him, that she is behind, and might come over to the Brattens (our destination for the day), and told him when I passed him a bit later.
View towards Silver Lake
The hike was rather easy, most of the day. Some small climbs, and a big big hike down at the end. I passed Lingo, Sugar Pine and Ticket Llama, and another hiker I didn't catch his trail name.
A nice day to be outside
The big climb we have in store tomorrow
A bit after passing them, I almost stepped on a rattlesnake. I thought we were over with the snakes a long time ago. I took some steps back, and waited for him to stop rattling. The other hikers caught up, and we waited together, trying to prod it, to make it go away. At the end it moved, and we sprinted over the spot where he had been.
The Rattler of north California
The rest of the climb down was uneventful, and I got to the Belden store and got an ice cream sandwich and a Gatorade. Trying to get to the hostel proved hard with no signs or direction, so I got back to the store, and met Hop Scotch, who just called the angels, and got us a ride there.
Going down towards Belden and the Feather River
Just a strange Panda graffiti in Belden
I met Idan over here, and got a room to place my mattress on a nice floor. There is no reception or Wi-Fi here, so I'm all disconnected. But at the moment I am playing scrabble with Stumbles and Rocket Llama.